Born Without the Creative Gene

Here I find myself, in my mid (ok, late) thirties and seriously lacking a hobby.  I have found myself longing for a creative outlet lately and yet… nothing falls within my God-given talents (sarcasm, spreadsheets, dog-petting).  Everyone around me has the Gift- my Mom can quilt and craft like a pro; my sister-in-law can make clever personal gifts with great flair and she paints beautifully; my brother creates sculptures out of spark plugs and gears that make your jaw drop; my Dad is a carpenter and can build anything; my husband recently built a flower box that left me in awe…

Me?  Nada.  I have dabbled in sewing– not a straight stitch to be found.  So, I tried to ‘no-sew’ t-shirts into fashionable women’s wear– they are currently being used for rags as I looked more homeless than on-trend.  I tried making my own liquid soap– smells like a dream, but I don’t think my hands get very clean.  I tried making a pull rug out of extra t-shirts–  it is half-way done and looks like a grey, white and teal shaggy dog and to be honest, I lost interest after many hours and a strained neck and back.  I even created gift baskets for a time for friends—but it got way too expensive and never took off.

Still after all of that, I have convinced myself that I have just not yet found my niche.  Hey!  I’m a born crafter- just not the crafts that everyone else has already discovered.  I’m gifted, dammit.  I just haven’t figured out how…  YET…  Right?!

I find myself wondering if anyone else out there is feeling like they were born without a creative/crafty/handy bone in their body.  So what do we do to express ourselves?  I haven’t yet found that answer, but luckily- I’m stubborn and I am going to keep on trying.  I’ve been considering homemade soap-making, but then I have to work with lye.  Not sure that’s wise as I am a touch clumsy.  Then I thought, “I love to sing!”  But then I remembered I am not very good and I’m allergic to microphones.

I’ll keep on searching.  I’ll keep the faith.  I am creative no matter what history shows.  So off I go to Pinterest to find every creative hobby on earth and try to find one that’ll fit my personality.  Or maybe to Amazon…  I bet they sell lye.  😉


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